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My professional and theoretical approach

I believe that the formation of the "self" is in the center of the mental processes of the psyche. The foundations of this fragile construct are laid as early as our primary acquaintance with the world immediately after birth and later on through meaningful relations during infancy. Later on, at life other relationships and significant events continue to shape the "Self" which embodies the definition of our attributes, image, and self-confidence. The entrenched "Self" has many encounters with different and new experiences throughout our lives. These events confirm or undermine our acquaintance with ourselves and as such, they produce patterns of behavior and shape our insight, dictating our perspective on ourselves.


This perception of the "Self" and the interaction with many other constructs of the mind and strata of the world, shaped my professional approach. My clinical approach is mainly psychodynamic but also incorporates cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) principles and other approaches if needed depending on the nature of the therapy and patients' needs.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Private clinic for children adolescents and adults in Hertzelia, Israel.

  • Internship in Clinical Psychology, children's and adolescent's public clinic, Mental health Center Lev Hasharon.

  • Internship in Clinical Psychology, Children's psychiatric ward, Mental Health Hospital Eitanim.

  • Academic Assistant and Lecturer, Parental guidance course for M.A students, Seminar Hakibutzim College.

  • Internship in Educational Psychology, Educational Psychology Center in Raanana.

  • Research coordinator for the Emotional- Cognitive Research Laboratory, Shalvata Mental Health Center.  


M.A in Children's Clinical Psychology at Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College.

B.Sc. in Biology and Psychology at Tel Aviv University.





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